31 December - 22:30
The Countdown - Tirane
Endings bring up new beginnings. What a better way to celebrate and let go of the past year and simultaneously welcome in full embrace the unknown and the magic that is coming for us, held by the electronic sounds?
Helping us to ride the waves safely through our journey, gloriously enjoying what awaits for us.
Let’s dance to the melancholy and the awareness of time passing, let’s move to the rhythm and frequency of our future, almost here, yet already present.

Doors open at 22:30 and we invite everyone to join us for a midnight cheer and an all-night craziness, joyfulness and cosmic celebration of the simple fact that we EXIST!

We await you on 31 Dec @ “Asllan Rusi Sports Palace”

"Asllan Rusi" Sports Palace (Pallati i Sportit "Asllan Rusi")

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