10 March - 21:00
Lockdown presents: Black Rose in Tirana
Lockdown Events in collaboration with Black Rose is proud to announce the featuring of some of the most talented and electrifying artists in the techno scene for our upcoming event, including the likes of Erly Tepshi, S.One, and Opposite Ways.

Location: Lighthouse 042 Lake of Tirana

Erly Tepshi, known for his unique blend of deep, melodic techno and progressive sounds, will be bringing his signature style to the stage, taking you on a journey through sound and space that you won't soon forget.

S.One, with her explosive and dynamic sets that seamlessly weave together a range of techno styles, will be sure to keep the energy high all night long, leaving you in a state of pure euphoria.

Opposite Ways, masters of the techno craft, will be bringing their signature sound to the stage, combining intricate melodies and driving rhythms that will keep you moving from start to finish.

With these incredible artists on the lineup, Lockdown Events promises to create an unforgettable night of techno music and excitement that you won't want to miss. Get ready to dance the night away and experience the best possible that the electronic scene offers.

Lighthouse, Lake of Tirana

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