08 July - 19:00
LIBURN - Millennium Garden
Born and raised in Kosovo, Liburn spent seven years of his life in Germany, before finally settling back home. The years he spent in Germany were crucial for Liburn’s career in electronic music, with the rich and influential German electronic music scene planting its roots into yet another young artist. As a teenager, Liburn discovered his love for electronic music listening to John Digweed, Trentemoller and other icons of that time. From his humble beginnings spinning at Coco Bar in his hometown Ferizaj, Liburn has grown into a true artist, playing in many countries around the world, from Kosovo and Albania to Switzerland and Australia.

In his DJ performances, Liburn’s calm and collected personality is overridden by a rollercoaster of emotions, as he sends the crowd to a frenzy with his unique, intricate sound, ranging from minimal to house. Having recently co-founded Playdrum (DJ collective and label) together with 5 other DJs from Kosovo, the future looks bright for the dedicated musician.
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