06 April - 22:30
Dear Experijancë lovers,
In our pursuit of creating an unparalleled atmosphere of connection and immersion, we are thrilled to announce a new policy that aims to elevate your experience. Starting from this event onwards, we have chosen to embrace the power of the present moment by implementing a “No Photo or Video” policy.

This decision is driven by our desire to foster a shared space where every beat, melody, and collective emotion is felt in its purest form. By putting away our devices and capturing memories through the lens of our hearts and minds, we believe that we can collectively enhance the synergy of our community. Let’s immerse ourselves fully in the sonic journey, cherishing the fleeting magic that unfolds, and creating memories that transcend the confines of pixels.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure, as we unite to celebrate the vibrant energy of music and the unspoken connections that bind us all.

Zone Club, Prishtine

Event has finished